TECH BOSS: Susan Wojcicki has highlighted a number of Tech Heroines lately and for good reason, as women have become a major part of the progress of some of the largest technology success stories since the internet explosion.

Susan Wojcicki is currently the CEO of the largest video sharing network, i.e. Youtube. It was in her garage that the founders of Google set up offices when the company became official. Prior to becoming Google’s first marketing manager in 1999, she cut her teeth at companies like Intel.

Keep in mind that prior to the millennium mark, the “dot com” revolution was still in its fledgling stages which was marked with many businesses registering failures, marketing the importance of super processers and desktop search engines was basically an act of assurance that the technology is relevant and will be even more so in the future.
In an industry which still shows a lack of females and even less in positions of influence, the landscape would have been a lot worst back then, adding more gravitas to what Susan has been able to achieve.

This trailblazer was a vital part of the Google’s initial viral marketing campaigns. She was also part of the teams that developed Google Images as well Google Books. Her work paved the way for her becoming senior vice president of Advertising & Commerce which put her in charge of the company’s most popular products AdWords, AdSense, DoubleClick, and Google Analytics.

It’s worth mentioning that she developed Adsense into Google’s second biggest revenue product. Her work with Google Video lead to her proposal that Google acquire Youtube, then a fraction of the size it is now but still considered a competitor. In 2006, she handled the $1.65bn acquisition and was made Senior Vice President of YouTube, and in 2014 was made CEO of Youtube, the same year she became pregnant with her fifth child.

She is also a proponent for maternity benefits for career women and is often cited promoting the belief that having a family and a career is very much possible. Highly believable if this woman is the case study.

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