TECH BOSS: Robbie Abed

Robbie Abed is a name that should not sound familiar to you at all. He doesn’t have a massive Wikipedia page; neither does he have a multi-million dollar website, but he does have something that’s quite scarce. Bravery.

Robbie’s articles all have a general theme – how to get fired. Well, it all started when he quit his job at Deloitte as a Senior SAP consultant, and wrote a goodbye letter to the CEO telling him how much he loved working there, also, that he was thankful for the skills and mentorship that he had gotten at the company.

The CEO was so moved he forwarded the mail to the entire organisation to show the passion of its employees. Since then, Robbie has become an independent consultant and is labelling himself as “the bridge between IT and the business” for large product upgrades and implementations.

What he has successfully done is moved himself from being an employee to a successful entrepreneur that does what he loves, but on his own terms without being hindered by a boss, strict working hours, or miles of corporate red tape. He has given himself the opportunity to be great, and reap the benefits of it.

He has published hundreds of articles which have been featured on LinkedIn, Lifehacker, CBS News, New York Times and Forbes. He has also recently released a book called Fire Me I Beg You, which talks about doing what you love right now.

Really, what I’m getting at is that even though he didn’t develop “the Facebook” or create a search engine, Robbie is going places, and fast. And he is as normal as you and I. You don’t have to be a child prodigy or development Guru, you can simply be the bridge and still be a tech hero!

If you’d like to check out Robbie’s site or book click here. If you are serious about buying his book you can enter the code “LinkedIn” when buying it and you’ll get 50% off the original price.


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