Samsung and Blackberry Team Up: Chen Is Headed for Success

At their latest event, Blackberry has revealed all the details of a surprising new deal. Samsung mobile and Blackberry will be teaming up and making communication safer for companies, with Samsungs Knox software, that will be running on the new Blackberry server, known as BES12.

Shortly after the announcement Blackberry shares climbed with 7%, which is its highest price since June last year. This unexpected partnership has bolstered the struggling Blackberry and will help them to entrench themselves deeply into the corporate market.

This brings us to Mr. John Chen, who is the current CEO of Blackberry, and has been for the last year. Without being overly-dramatic, when he took the reigns, the company was in tatters and on the brink of liquidation, he has done a spectacular job of putting it back together. Don’t misunderstand me, Blackberry is not a cash machine quite as yet, but it’s not as far in the red as it was a year ago, and it seems to be crawling its way out, slowly.

Chens focus has been to target corporates and enterprises, giving them seamless integration between secure mobile devices, secure communications, and secure desktops. This partnership starts cementing that vision into place. Samsung has said it will start pushing BES12 to their clients, which is good news for Blackberry.

What will this partnership actually do though, what will it mean to you and me, and what will it mean to big companies? To the end user it creates a divide between business and private, being able to switch from your work phone to your private phone on an application, with no restarts. This leaves the employer happy that their data is safely protected, and you don’t have to get all those pesky email reminders at 1 in the morning.

At a company level, it creates a central place that manages mobile mobility, and days security on these devices. Phones can be remotely wiped, data can be restricted to certain applications, breaches of information can be prevented, and now you have two brands of phones to choose from. It seems that this deal, along with Blackberry’s renewed focus is ticking all the right boxes, and remarkably, they might be on track for Chen’s 2016 target, of a healthy, anchored business.

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