TECH BOSS: Vinny Lingham

There are a special few South Africans that have cracked the international market and Vinny Lingham is one them. With numerous tech/marketing companies under his belt, he is a keen serial entrepreneur that seems to be always on the lookout for the next big thing.

In 2003, Lingham started incuBeta, a company that revolves around assisting online marketing initiatives at different stages in their development. The same year he founded Click2Customer as a subsidiary of incuBeta. Click2Customer’s main focus of business is to provide support focusing on search engine marketing. He stood as CEO for both companies. 2003 was a quite a year but the future held more. In 2007 he founded Yola, a DIY online website builder that also offers hosting. This initiative has, thus far, received $25 Million in funding from the Johann Rupert’s Reinet Fund, this speaks of the obvious potential of this product.

His latest effort is According to their website,” Gyft is a digital gift card platform that lets you manage your gift cards. You can ditch the plastic and use your mobile device to store, send, and redeem cards”, available as Android and Apple downloadable apps. Google Play currently lists Gyft as having between 100 000 and 500 000 installations.

Vinny Lingham who has relocated to the USA, has been the recipient of a few awards including World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders, 2009. These types of accolades are a recognition of hard work and clever thinking combined. Budding South African entrepreneurs should take heart; Vinny Lingham is an inspiration, you don’t have to be a little fish in a pond when you can be a shark in the ocean.

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Anesh Sukhnandan
Anesh Sukhnandan
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