What is the MTN Data Share Service?

MTN has officially released its Data Share service, which allows up to 20 people, each with an MTN SIM card, to share a single bundle of data.

The MTN Data Share service is available to My MTNChoice, PayAsYouGo, MTN Classic and Top Up contract subscribers.

How to Use the MTN Data Share Service

To use the MTN Data Share service, all you have to do is purchase a data bundle and then dial *141*5#. Select Option 1 “Manage Internet Bundles” and then option 3 “Data Share”. From here you can begin the process of adding members to your data bundle. If you run into any problems you can always call MTN’s customer care service 808 or go to the nearest store.

This will quell the confusion of many a user who saw these options when they dialed the respective USSD code at December end wondering what the new menu option was about.

The service comes free of charge and will open many opportunities for smaller companies not on MTN’s business packages (which are not part of the promotion, including custom APNs, Anyday Offpeak and MTN Sky Contract customers) to share and allocate cell phone data more accurately.

A notable side effect to this deal could be the future surprises a parent may get when checking their balances that are shared with up to 20 of their broke kids and cousins who are connected via their mobile phones, smartwatches or tablets.

It is left up to the consumer however, whether they succumb to the pressures of freeloaders and up to the keen observing eyes of a social scientist to construct a proper thesis surrounding this soon-to-be observable subject matter.