Wearable Tech: An Apple, Gear and Motorola Smartwatch Comparison

New technology always fascinates the human race, and if history is anything to go by then crazy ideas always end up being functional ways of life. Think about having an iPad 10 years ago, you would be laughed at and sent to the loony bin. Wearable technology then, is the new social shunning idea.

Why on earth would you want a watch that you have to recharge daily, which tells you exactly what your phone tells you. The answer is really simple though. Ease of access and new abilities. You don’t have to drag your phone out of your pocket to see the time, mail, or who is calling. Currently with the plethora of phones available, the amount of watches are quite miniscule, and are quite easily identifiable. I will give you a quick run through of the various models available.

There are 3 main companies doing watches at the moment, bar Apple. Samsung (the market innovator), Sony, and Motorola (read Google). Samsung has the Gear Range, which currently has about 6 variances, Sony has the Smart Watch range, with 2 variances, and finally Motorola has the Moto 360, its only watch.

In my comparison I will use only the flagship from each company, as well as the new Samsung Gear S, which is a stand-alone phone. Most of the watches have removable straps, are at least semi-waterproof, connect via Bluetooth, have similar specs regarding ram, processor and memory, and have some kind of fitness apps.

How then do you compare so many similar devices? Well, each of them have their own quirks and stand out features. The Gear S is by far the largest, which allows it to have the biggest screen, but is the only watch that is a stand-alone phone. It can make and receive calls, messages, emails, etc.

The Gear 2, which only works with Samsung’s, has an IR blaster to control your TV, a camera for photos and a button for navigation. The Smart Watch is made out of aluminium, is compatible with any Android 4.0+ device and that really is all it can do. It’s not amazing, but it is compatible, which gives it 1 up on the Gear.

The Apple watch is waterproof, and has a lot of customisation regarding straps, bezels and sizes, has that nifty crown that helps you scroll, and apparently it has very tough glass (I remember them saying that about the iPhone 4 as well.) It is also the only watch that is made by Apple, so they kind of have the market cornered there. Then my favourite of the bunch, the Moto360. It doesn’t have the most memory, or the best processor, it doesn’t even have a camera, but have you seen it.

It is one of the most beautiful things that Motorola has made in a long time. Some will complain about the black bar on the bottom of the screen, but honestly, you barely see it. It has wireless charging, and comes with a nice cradle, has some nice heart rate monitor features and is compatible with all Android 4.0+ devices.

Where do you lie in the wearable tug of war?