Vlad, the (Internet Freedom) Impaler

In a not so surprising move, Vladimir Putin has signed into law an act that mandates that if anybody wants to get online, they have to identify themselves. Vladimir, who is no stranger to foul play, has decreed that this is how it’s being done worldwide, and that the Internet as a whole is a CIA project, also that this measure will help fight the information war that is happening at the moment.


vladIt’s been ages since I’ve heard such drivel, but the man seems to be quite determined. It seems that in his busy schedule of hunting bears and skydiving, he has made some time to think about ways to anger the general public, and the entire world for that fact. The move also seems to fit in nicely with his plan for world domination.

The impact this law has is vast, and there is a lot of confusion around how it will be implemented and enforced, as it will be a major headache to try and keep track of every connection to the Internet. It encompasses mobile networks, WiFi hot-spots and home based Internet, all access has to be logged. Internet service providers were shocked when the law was published online last Friday. They say it was hasty and that they weren’t consulted at all.

Another section states that any blogger with more than 3000 followers has to register with the government and comply with the same laws that all the other media outlets have to succumb to. It all seems to archaic to be true, but Vladimir hasn’t stopped surprising us yet. Slowly but surely Russia will be a totally cut off from the rest of the world with highly governed Internet.

Is the Internet a CIA project? Maybe that’s how it started out, but with 5 million terabytes of data floating around I don’t think it really belongs to anyone anymore. I understand that Vladimir feels betrayed after finding out the USA is listening in at a lot of places that they shouldn’t be, and that terrorism is a lot easier to orchestrate in the digital era, but does that justify his laws?

Maybe he is an egomaniacal tyrant who aims to control everything, or maybe his new found friend, a Mr. Edward Snowden is bringing some security issues to his attention, and suggesting ways to curb the problems. For now though, we don’t know what his plan is, we’ll just have to sit back and watch.

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