Toyota Invests $1 Billion into Self-driving Cars

Toyota is committed to produce artificial intelligent cars to drive automatically on freeways within the next four years.

The recently founded Toyota Research Institute has $1 billion of investment pumped into it to produce a car capable of driving automatically on freeways.

The global car manufacturer is hot on the hells of rival Honda who have also shown intense dedication in the form of research and development to make headway into the automated vehicle race currently being led by Google.

Toyota CEO, Gill Pratt, in an interview with Reuters says that the intention is to produce a car that is capable of sensing more than one lane on the road and functioning as a “guardian angel” by controlling the brakes, accelerators and steering wheel when evasive procedures are needed.

Toyota has quite an ambitious goal: to create the automated driving solution by the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, just four years from now.