The top fibre, LTE and broadband internet providers in South Africa in 2021

Here are the top internet service providers in South Africa in 2021 as ranked per customer satisfaction ratings:

Rain is a complete bust (don’t expect it to…actually function…in some “covered” areas in SA) and Cool Ideas are the leaders in ISP services in South Africa. The latter’s reach is still expanding so the company is in a growth phase vs. established companies like Afrihost.

Afrihost has gotten better with support since the live WhatsApp chat functionality was added to the site and queries stopped disappearing into the collective SA customer service blackhole we are used to. They provide quite an ok connection vs. other competitors in the market.

South African ISP Rankings
Large ISPsCustomer Satisfaction Rating
Cool Ideas85%
Internet Solutions76%
Home Connect74%

For the full list check out Mybroadband.