The Samsung Galaxy S6 has Great Specs

The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a clear signal that the Galaxy S5 flagship is over, and it’s time we embrace further advancements in technology.

samsung galaxy s6 aIt could be said that Samsung has given in to peer pressure noted through their adoption of prevailing trends. This is all the more reason the Samsung Galaxy S6 is more advanced than its predecessor. The smartphone presents the latest technology though it is still a twin to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. This one is dressed up in sharp metal lines, has gotten a lot slimmer and ditched its plastic build for a glass one as well as the removable battery seen in other Samsung flagship phones.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Technical Specs 

To have the capability of replacing Samsung’s previous flagship phone, we expect quality on all sides, which is exactly what the Galaxy S6 is up to. It runs on Android 5.0 lollipop, which is currently said to be the most advanced android operating system. It has a high-screen resolution display of 5.1 inches, a Quad-HD Super AMOLED display of 577ppi, a 64-bit Exynos 7 Octa processor with a combination of four cores running at 1.5GHz and four running at 2.1GHz. On the other hand, it has a 3GB LPDDR4 RAM and options in internal memory of 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. With the Galaxy S6, picture and video quality are guaranteed with the 16MP rear camera and a front camera of 5MP that has a lens that will enable real-time HDR and wide-angle selfies.


This smartphone manufacturer has given the iPhone 6 a run for its money by creating an upscale metal design for the Galaxy S6, which also has an updated fingerprint scanner. I am forced to also mention in that line that Samsung also announced an Apple Pay competitor, which will debut alongside the other features of the Galaxy S6 and be dubbed Samsung Pay.


The Galaxy S6 also starts a few Android trends. For example, it allows for wireless, built in charging and a newer version of the Gear VR virtual reality accessory- a feature that you won’t find in an iPhone. Its ability to take pictures in under a second is also a first and should be a crowd pleaser. It’s clear by the advanced features of this smartphone that Samsung has addressed the critiques of Galaxy s5. It might just be too early to know for sure, but this new phone has the looks as well as the specs of a flagship phone that’s worth its salt, now we just have to see what the general public’s take on it is.