The Samsung Galaxy Revolves around the S5

As most of us are aware the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is one of the most sought after tech must-haves since its release on the 11th of April 2014. What begs the question though is how soon will it be dethroned?

Boasting features such as Fingerprint recognition, and for the more technically inclined of us, a USB 3.0 interface with 2.5ghz Quad Core snapdragon processor, LTE connectivity and 2gb ram. The 16 megapixel rear facing camera and the 2 megapixel front facing camera aren’t slouches either. These specifications have made the S5 one of Samsung’s most advanced smart phones to date. Reaching sales figures of up to 12million units sold in 2014. Still it was outpaced by Samsung’s Galaxy S4 that brought closer to 16million units according to

With the announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 the prices for the S5 should be falling in the near future, giving the budget conscience South-African a better chance to get their hands on this coveted piece of tech. Current deals are still quite expensive to non-die-hard techies, coming in at +-R500pm on contract. The offerings are from the 4 major South African service providers in South Africa namely Vodacom, Telkom Mobile, CellC and MTN. MTN’s offering however has expired, perhaps indicating the decline in demand.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Deals at Telkom Mobile, Vodacom and Cell C

Below is a basic table with offerings from these major South African service providers for the Samsung Galaxy S5*.

Provider / Contract Name

Cost per month / Duration

Data / Minutes / SMS                                  

Vodacom / Smart S

R469 / 24 months

200mb / 75min / 200sms

Telkom Mobile / SmartPlan 100

R399 / 24 months

150mb+1gb+unlimited wifi / 100min / 5 for 50 sms

Cellc / ChatMore 200

R469 / 24 months

150mb+free whatsapp / 200min / 0sms

MTN / Expired



* Prices subjective to change if/as decided by respective service provider. Prices at time of posting of article.

With more intermediate to high end phones flooding the Samsung family such as the Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 series, I don’t believe that the S5 will survive as king of the hill for much longer. The higher end of the spectrum also sees phablet phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note4, with its larger display appealing to the businessman and tech lover alike.

The S5’s reign as king of the phones may soon come to an end. As far as smartphone royalty is concerned, Samsung Electronics will not give up their aristocratic lineage any time soon while we look forward to a whole new range of up and coming royals.

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