Tesla Model 3 May be Reason for 400 Employees Axed

Tesla has fired around 400 employees in the past week.

Earlier in the month the company stated that “bottlenecks” existed in their process which resulted in the delay of the Model 3 sedan that was set to hit the mass market.

Currently the website offering the Model 3 sedan is asking consumers to reserve the $35 000 vehicle for a 12 to 18-month delivery period. They are also putting in place “reservation holder” conditions stating that deliveries are beginning in the United States and are dependent on a consumer’s ownership of a Tesla and if they are an employee of the company.

The Tesla vehicle is being produced with Pulse Electronics who assisted in creating automotive components. Merima Fazlic, a Director in the company, congratulated Tesla earlier in July this year for the launch of the vehicle.

For those employees, good and bad, who are left seeking jobs in a tough economy however, there are no celebrations in order. No reasons for the mass-axing have been supplied by the company yet. News was delivered through an inside informer of Tesla to Reuters, an axed employee who claims to have never received a bad performance review from the company.