Sony Sells 30.2 Million PlayStation 4s

Sony Entertainment Inc. has announced today that they have officially sold over 30.2 million Sony PlayStation 4 units since its launch two years ago.

The marketing of massive releases like Diablo III, Destiny and Call of Duty have influenced gamers around the world to choose the Sony PlayStation 4 as their gaming platform of choice. Conversion from the PS3 platform to the PS4 was also motivated by earlier game releases for titles like Mortal Kombat X for the latter.

According to Andrew House, CEO of Sony, the PS4 unit continues to be the premier platform for entertainment.

Sony is the top selling console in the world over this two year span. Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles pale in comparison at 15.6 m units since their launch.

The introduction of PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) to the gaming marketing is another potential game changer (in this case, a game optimiser). The VR headset immerses a player into an intricate 3D environment that syncs the sounds they experience according to the direction they turn to in virtual reality.

With superior graphics and a very large variety of titles, the PlayStation remains one of the most popular gaming consoles on earth.