So You’ve Been Hacked, What Now?

We can all relate to that feeling, the initial tremors that remind us that the quality of our privacy has been reduced. Some psychopath could have access to everything you’ve ever owned. Yes you’ve been hacked.

As the world becomes more digital, people are finding new and innovative ways to steal money, and this includes hacking into your email account. You don’t give a lot of thought to it, but your email account will generally contain most of the sensitive info that you have, like your banking details, chats with your financial advisor, your contacts, your credit card number visible on statements, and maybe even some risque pictures you’ve sent somewhere down the line

The lousy part is, hackers know this. The top search terms that hackers generally use after gaining access to your account are : wire transfer, bank, transfer, password, jpg, passport and sex. Yup, they either want your banking details, identity details, or blackmail material. As long as they can make some money off you they will be happy. It doesn’t stop there, sometimes they will send mails to your contacts asking for money to be paid into an account for you.

The hackers then set up a rule to forward all responses to that mail to be sent to them. So you don’t even see it has happened. Some even go as far as to delete all your contacts and emails so that you can’t respond to your contacts to tell them that you’ve been hacked. In a recent study some very smart people intentionally entered all the account details of 200 accounts on a phishing site and found that 20 percent of the accounts were accessed within 30 minutes, and half of the accounts were accessed by the 7 hour mark.

The two most interesting finds though, were that on average, the hacker only spends 3 minutes in the account, and only if they find something that looks lucrative do they stay up to about 15 minutes. The other thing is that most of the attacks came from 5 predominant countries, namely : China, Ivory Coast, Malaysia, Nigeria and South Africa. Seems like the third world isn’t so doltish after all.

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