Samsung Partners with Barnes & Noble to Unveil the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Nook, Samsung and eBook fans will be happy about the newest version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with built-in e-reader functions and capabilities added as a result of the new partnership.

This is a smart partnership for Barnes & Noble which will benefit from Samsung’s existing following. The Samsung brand will attract eBook readers who already use the company’s products to purchase this tablet in addition to their devices. This may affect the market with an increase of sales of tablets for Samsung who will claim eBook and Nook fans to join their customer base and give Nook a chance to gain profits and benefit from ongoing sales.

Previous Nook devices did not fare well over the last couple of years, as admitted by the Barnes & Noble CEO Mark Huseby, because they did not have all the features available on other e-readers and tablets. Barnes & Noble will no longer retail any other Nook devices and have left it up to the South Korean technology giant to handle the manufacturing side of business.

The new Samsung Nook tablet features some of the standard capabilities of a Samsung tablet with added features for Barnes & Noble customers. If you are an avid reader, you will appreciate an app which takes you directly to the retailer’s store, an easy way to access your existing library and a button which will always return you to the place you were reading so you can simply carry on where you left off before Facebook interrupted.

The tablet has the standard Samsung features such as internet browsing, accessing social networks, Google’s Play and Android apps, video and movie playback and a front and back camera. In fact, the tablet’s hardware and software features are identical to the original Samsung Galaxy Tab with the Nook app and home button serving as mere additions. The tablet does not even display the Nook brand name on the handset.

The tablet has an estimated value of over US$200 but retails for a discounted $179 (about R2000) and purchasing it includes free eBooks and a $5 voucher from Barnes & Noble. There has been no announcement yet about the device’s release outside of the US however, if the retail price is also subsidised in South Africa, the tablet will be a good buy even if reading is not quite what you had in mind.