Prioritised Traffic: ISP’s will compensate for 96 billion gigabytes of videos we watch

Cisco Systems recently released some information stating that video consumption on the internet is going to account for 84% of internet usage by 2018, rising from the current 78%. You could be thinking that these numbers mean nothing, but actually this translates to 20 billion dvds, or 96 billion gigabytes, and that is a lot of funny cat videos!

netflixThis does however pose a problem to internet service providers. How can you give everyone good high speed internet with all this extra data going towards videos, online streaming and Ultra HD movies?

At the moment the only obvious answer is prioritised traffic. This means that certain types of traffic will have priority, like doing your internet banking or remote medical devices that can perform surgery from the other side of the world, whereas Ultra HD video and Netflix will have to take a back seat getting only parts of the bandwidth that you are allowed.

While I understand that there is a necessity to provide uninterrupted high speed internet to certain industries, I don’t think this should be the only solution. We should be working on new ways of moving data across networks, also, better ways of delivering our most data-hungry content.

Traffic prioritisation may also just start a new business model where you can buy  the type of internet you need. Cheaper unlimited internet for browsing and email,  or expensive unlimited internet for media.

Whatever the future may hold, it is definitely internet bound. And we will be driven by our ever growing need to know more, see more and have what we want when we want it. “