Play Station 4 Sales Soar to 18.5 Million Worldwide

Sony announced that the company has sold over 18.5 million Playstation 4 units since the console was first released in the United States, Western Europe and Latin America late 2013.


playstation 4Since the Playstation’s first release, the console has been distributed globally and bought by existing fans and has also gathered new gamers to the numbers. The sales increase, up from 13.5 million at the end of October last year, showed a solid demand for the product over the holiday season and contributed to recuperating a company recovering from a massive cyber-attack. The console sales also make up for Sony’s weak 2014 smartphone and TV sales.
Andrew House, the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment stated that the holiday sales in Europe were so strong that the company fought to keep up with the increasing demand. Even so, the company is still heading towards its fifth net loss in six years indicating that the increased sales may have helped but did not fully solve the problem.

Sony’s main competitor in the market is Microsoft’s Xbox. Microsoft attempted to top Sony by offering the Xbox at a reduced price and although the Xbox fell behind in sales initially, Microsoft sold over a million consoles in November 2014, creating a tighter race between the two products.

The PS4 features access to a plethora of video apps including Netflix and Hulu Plus, an upgrade from its predecessor. Users can quickly navigate and switch through available apps and enjoy gameplay on the new colour-coded Dual Shock 4 controllers. The PS4 links up to PSVita, enabling the portable device to work as a secondary player and carry the display onto the portable screen for remote play which is particularly useful for players living in big houses. Users who do not want to pay for the Playstation Plus cloud-saving services can also transfer game saves onto a USB and access the saved games wherever they go provided the USB stick goes with them.

The PS4 also has a stand-by mode which allows games to download without wearing down the entire system. The system also includes video sharing, the ability to take screenshots, and access to Sony’s Music Unlimited Program for music lovers.