Pay N Show: A New Social Media Application

Blue Gecko, based in Championsgate, Florida, is raising funds for its ultra-cool and unique application called Pay N Show using the crowd-funding platform, Pay N Show promises to be the next big thing according to teenagers and young adults. Pay N Show’s novel approach to capturing and sharing pictures of what people buy anywhere makes sharing pictures automated and almost like second nature.


“Have you ever wanted to share a picture of what you just bought with friends and family, but didn’t have the time or the patience to stop, set up the picture, and then shoot? For many like me, you’re not good at taking pictures or not a picture taking enthusiast. Pay N Show lets you buy and share whatever you want, without the need to take a picture or even learn a new application,” said Gary Sada, Founder of Pay N Show.

The way Pay N Show works is simple. Just download the PayNShow app to your iPhone or Android device, then sign up and provide information such as your email address. Now just go to the mall and buy anything.

When you’re ready to check out and make your purchase, choose to have your receipt emailed to you. Instantly, Pay N Show uploads pictures of the items you just bought to your Facebook page – and without the need for you to take a picture. Now, friends and family will see pictures of what you bought. That’s not all, your Facebook friends can even load into a shopping basket one or all of the items you bought and ask where online (or offline) they can buy them too! To learn more about the Pay N Show fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, visit: