North Korea Officially Sanctioned by Obama

Barrack Obama confirmed sanctions against North Korean leaders, disallowing them access to US soil due to allegations that a recent Sony cyber-hack attack was indeed orchestrated by North Korea.


barack obama north koreaThe infamous hack infiltrated Sony Picture’s computers exposing private data as well as business files containing trade secrets. The hackers, whoever they really are, were disgruntled with Sony’s production of the comedic movie, The Interview, which included in its storyline a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un.

While some external cyber security experts state that this attack could be attributed to a peeved Sony ex-employee, the FBI seems to be “100%” convinced that it was an executive decision involving North Korean government.
According to CNN, North Korea has denied any involvement in the attacks and has labeled US economic sanctions “repugnant” and “hostile”.

North Korean officials allegedly involved in arms deal operations and the country’s mining development corporation will not be allowed to enter or trade in the US as well as North Korea’s intelligence agency, the Reconnaissance General Bureau.

The alleged crime by North Korea and proceeding punishment by the US has added more distance between the two countries and fuel to an already blazing fire. With further justification to protect itself against an impending threat by the US government, North Korea’s continuous production of nuclear weapons is unlikely to cease. The U.S on the other hand continues its onslaught against any form of perceived terrorism.

North Korea has been the subject of sanctions from both Tokyo and the US in preceding years which lightens the impact to current actions against Korean officials and agencies operating in the US. It is yet to be known if Korea will be able to bypass sanctions by employing different officials and agencies to take over those currently banned.