North Korea Denies Involvement in Sony Website Hacking

North Korea officials deny any involvement in the hacking of the Sony Entertainment network and say that the perpetrators were likely supporters of the regime.



After widespread rumours that the hacking into the Sony Pictures Entertainment network may have been the work of the North Korean government, spokespeople for the country dismissed the accusations, and stated that the culprits may be supporters of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). North Korea blames South Korea for the rumour of their involvement in the hacking. The two countries are still officially in a state of war and cyber security efforts have primarily been targeted at South Korea.


The Pyongyang government remains a suspect according to U.S. officials. Joseph DeTrani, a former U.S. intelligence official served as a representative in negotiations with North Korea and stated that the government has a historical track record of being truthful in statements about their involvement in attacks. Nevertheless, the country’s current leader Kim Jong Un has only been in power for three years so the old policies may have been changed under his leadership. DeTrani also added that he is aware that North Korea does have the resources to carry out such an attack.


Sony’s network was shut down for over a week as a result of the attack and the hackers released sensitive data online such as employee salaries, and high-quality digital versions of some unreleased films. The leaked films included “The Interview”, a film with a plot based on the assassination of a North Korean leader. The Interview is scheduled for release on Christmas Day in America, which indicates that the breach has not stalled release plans. The North Korean government has described the film as an “act of war”, making it clear that they find it offensive.


North Korea has been known to have a strong opposition and dislike of Sony Pictures comedy. The hacking gang ‘Guardians of Peace’ took responsibility for hacking Sony Corporation’s website and forensics experts said that the cyber attack was carried out by an “organized group”, and that it was exceptionally well-planned.

The DPRK government’s announcement does not leave much clues of who the perpetrators could be as there are many supporters of the DP