Microsoft Office Mobile for Android Fails to Meet Consumer Standards

Microsoft Office Mobile for Android is a limited free app that can’t do much. This has resulted in negative consumer sentiment arising from Android users.

Android users may have been delighted to see that Microsoft released its own version of Office Mobile onto the Play Store. With 10 million downloads, the brand’s saliency speaks for itself. However the excitement stops there.

To date the app has an average rating of 3.5 stars (not the rounded four) which should be the first item that rings alarms bells given the high standard set by the desktop versions of the Microsoft Office Suite.

The Office Mobile app only saves files to virtual drives like One Storage, which isn’t a crime with cloud computing solutions on the rise, however, the lack of a simple spell check and Excel reportedly not being able to open password protected files makes this app seem like more of a rushed exercise to grab market share than a well thought out, functional product.

Furthermore, according to consumer Tim Lawthouwers, local Word files and Excel documents can’t be opened unless they are uploaded first. This renders the convenience created by the 8-128 GBs of storage on your android devices useless.

Some regard the app as nothing more than a document viewer, which, unfortunately for Microsoft, is better executed by a range of apps that can already open .docx, .xlsx and .ppt files and have more editing functionalities installed.

The Office Universal app however, has just been announced by the company, but unfortunately, it is only available to Windows Phone users at present. Without a Windows Phone at hand (for good reason), it is difficult to compare this app to the android Mobile Office.

Given the company’s keen insight into user experience however, we cannot count out the possibility of there being substantial changes in Office Mobile’s subsequent updates. After all, this is the company that that recovered from Windows Vista. Let this be a plea to the company from InfoRocked to improve their offering and provide consumers with a product that reaches closer to the high bar that they have already set when it comes to software offerings –share if you agree.