How to Download Free Android Apps to Your Phone or Tablet

The free download of Android apps is simple to execute and does not require a PC at all. To download an Android app all you have to do is visit the Google Play store on your mobile phone, smartwatch or tablet.

Visit the store from your phone or tablet by locating the “Play Store” icon on your device and tapping on it. This is usually automatically placed by your Android software onto one of your main slides when you get you phone. The Play store icon will be the one with the play sign in it of course and may look something like this:

Play store


If you can’t find the Play Store icon on your main screen tap on the “apps” icon and find a similar looking icon with the “Play Store symbol” above and tap on it.  Viola! You now have access to millions of apps, many of them free.



How to Use the Google Play Store to Download Android Apps

Google App StoreWhen you have entered the store, you can either search for the apps you desire using the search icon on top or browse through the categories to view popular apps that everyone is downloading.


When you find an app you like listed as free, all you have to do is download it. If you are new to the Play Store and worried about accidently purchased a paid app, you shouldn’t as you will be prompted to pay for an app and enter your card details, if you haven’t purchased anything from Google before.


If you have more than one android device, your app can automatically download the app to the rest of them the next time the device is online. You just need to be logged into your Google Play account in our other device. Remember to use WiFi if you have many big apps to download if you have a limited amount of data.