How Content Fuels Innovation

Innovation, the process of creating something new, was once described as the lifeblood of any business and imperative for its survival. Why make something that consumers can get somewhere else right? Is it a bold claim then to state that the online consumption of content fuels innovation?

content fuels innovation?Not really. All ideas come from somewhere, and through learning and the combination of universal magic juju (providence?) and creativity, a new idea sparks. It really does. However, we certainly can’t wait for creativity and universal magic juju to take responsibility for our businesses and produce innovative ideas for us without doing some work ourselves. This is where learning is of utmost significance.

Innovation can only occur when we have knowledge of our surrounding market, its needs, and the multiple players involved. In fact, it is a creative answer to the needs of a market taking the other factors into consideration. Online content, in the form of blogs, websites and podcasts not only gives us this knowledge in an entertaining way, but brings core issues to the fore that businessmen can exploit.

The fall of Blackberry, Google’s apparent edging away from Google Plus, and the decline of sales of the iPod are all indicators of what the market wants and also points to mistakes that business leaders have made along the way. Blackberry should have certainly placed more attention to their operating system and the deals they had with various telecommunications firms. While being a Google employee is great, that should not necessarily be the foundation of a social network. And Apple, well they don’t particularly care about the decline in iPod sales because they are bringing in the dough with their iPhones, iPads and soon to be, iWatch devices.

How can we know all this? You can wait for it in the newspaper or evening bulletin, but the tech savvy bunch has a much more immediate need for information. This current of knowledge we call content flows through PCs, phones, tablets and various other devices every second. It can be accessed with the tap of a finger. It is current. It gives a passionate entrepreneur the vital fuel needed for creative engines to start running, producing great ideas.

If anybody asks you where innovation comes from, you are welcome to say, from the universal magical juju, from creativity or from the content you consume, readily available online. It is as valid as any other answer you may give.