How Bill Gates Wants to Reduce Tech Carbon Emissions

Bill Gates has increased his philanthropic focus on clean energy in order to reduce the carbon emissions created by the technology industry.

The Microsoft billionaire plans to create the Clean Tech Initiative that will bring together a group of countries that are willing to commit to a 100% increase in clean energy tech research by 2020.

Close to 200 countries are set to create a new pact during the 21st U.N Conference of the Parties Summit occurring in Paris this December.

Bill Gates’ own research into clean energy includes the creation of more efficient batteries charged by solar power as well as safer nuclear energy initiatives. In his blog, Gates Notes, he states:

“My own personal investments include companies working on new batteries and other storage methods and advances in solar technology. The nuclear design I am investing in would be safer than previous designs and would go a long way toward solving the nuclear waste problem.”

Global climate change, according to Gates, can have a devastating effect on poverty-stricken people whose livelihood depends on farming activities.

Unstable weather conditions like excessive cloudy days, droughts and increased rainfall can result in poor crop yields that affect malnutrition levels in developing countries.

While there has been controversy between scientists about whether global warming is caused by humans versus it being a natural phenomenon in the earth’s climate cycle, the greater majority of scientists worldwide agree that carbon emissions do affect our atmosphere’s weather and that heat and cold spells will continue to get more extreme if carbon footprints are not reduced immediately.