Twitter Unveils Plans for the near Future.

Twitters declining user growth as reported for Q3 2014 as well shares dropping by a whopping 33% is probably what prompted the micro-blogging site to hold its first Analyst Day. I’m sure the word micro-blogging didn’t exist before twitter, but I digress.


twitterTwitter CEO, Dick Costolo, came out of his corner fighting, hitting attendees with a plethora of twitter facts and how the company will use these to their advantage


  • – An “instant timeline” that would allow new users to get value out of the service right away, without having to follow anybody first. Twitter would use algorithms to figure out what might be important and interesting. The feature would also be shown to returning users who don’t have “healthy” timelines

– By early next year, ways for people to “record, edit and share” video using the Twitter application.
– A “what you missed” feature to show people the most important tweets that were posted since they last logged in.
-Starting next week, an update that allows people to share public tweets within private messages.
– Changes to the Twitter homepage, which draws 125 million people each month who don’t log in or sign up.
– New mobile applications besides Twitter and Vine.
– Content organized around geography and events.
-A “quick promote” option so that users can turn their tweets into advertisements with a couple of clicks.


Nothing you wouldn’t expect from a mature social network application. There are sites out there that already offer this. How Twitter will profit from these (combined with a focus on Twitter’s marketing capabilities), to the tune of $11 billion, from offerings that exist elsewhere is still a mystery. Admittedly their funnel at the top is second to none, but it’s what comes out the other end is what matters.


Improving its services may also prove to be a double edged sword, with many users preferring it to Facebook, because of its simplicity. The implication here being, sure you will gain new registrations but risk losing existing followers. What about increased timeline marketing, which we have to concede is imperative for a free website to be successful? Perhaps it’s comforting to know that at least the advertising will be relevant to your online/twitter history.


Is Twitter Just for Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

There is a notion that Twitter is dying as its use by celebrity has stereotyped it as a soap box for those with a nauseating number of followers. Seems not everyone is interested in keeping up with the Kardashians. If so, it won’t be the first, Ping and Myspace spring to mind.


The next year is going to be interesting as twitter starts testing the lines between social media and e-commerce, so be sure to follow @inforocked for more developments. That’s right, follow us on twitter for updates about twitter (yes, I said it!)

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