First National Bank Launches Its Own Mobile Service

First National Bank will be launching its own mobile service as of the 15 June 2015, as an extension to its FNB Connect offering, a pioneering feat for the South African banking industry. A plan for aggressive rates and exceptional banking services to its clients is high on the list of priorities for this initiative.

FNB is no stranger to innovation, winning global awards for its online applications neither is the company new to providing its clients with mobile technology. Now they have brought the two together in the theme of convergence so that users can handle their banking as well their mobile accounts from one place with a single login. A partnership with service provider Cell C will open the doors for potential customers to port their number to the bank’s new platform, surely causing a palpitation in heart of competitor financial institutions and networks.

FNB Connect CEO Ravesh Ramlakan said, “The core offering will be the Flexi Package, which is unique as customers can manage their account by creating their own mobile package and have the ability to change it every month,” An added first will be the Auto Top-Up feature where subscribers can opt to top up their airtime when it falls below R5. This service aims to empower its users by creating self-service functionality which will include ordering and activation of new sim cards online with the default benefit being a reduction in traffic at FNB branches. Other self-service functionality includes SIM Swap, Block your SIM and activation of international roaming calls through Online Banking. This would not be a full FNB service if they did not ensure some sort of reward by using one of their products, and they will oblige by giving customers the benefit of possibly earning up to 40% back in eBucks on any of the FNB Connect options as of 1 July 2015.

FNB are pursuing a concept that seems obvious and exploitable should a company have the funding, i.e. that mobile is current and is the future, the quicker businesses adapt, and the more relevant they will be. History tells us that when this bank breaks frontiers with something revolutionary, the competition is quick to follow suit to try and better it.

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