Find My iPhone App

The Find my iPhone app is probably one of the most useful functions for the busy 21st century mobile, tablet or Mac user who has a chaotic day and is subject to the increased likelihood of mobile theft. It allows you to locate your iPhone or any iOS device including iPod Touch, Macbook, iPhone or iPad, if it is lost, as well as lock it so no one can access your data.

Find your lost iPhone Using GPS

find my iphone1 appIf your phone is lost the nifty app allows you to find your Macbook, iPhone, iPod, or iPad by playing a loud, full volume sound for 2 minutes while providing its location to you on a GPS map. This can be activated using any of your other iOS devices. We wouldn’t suggest using this feature if you suspect that your phone has been stolen unless you are willing to confront the criminal, which can be dangerous.


Lock Your iPhone Device Remotely With a Password

In order to protect your sensitive data on your iOS device, the app allows you to immediately password protect it. With strong encryption protecting your data, you have peace of mind that the layperson cannot view your personal or business information.


Displaying Your Own Message on Your Lost iPhone, iPad or iPod Device

If your device is lost you can place your own message on your device so that people can return it you. Once again, it is important to stress that you do not give out personal details if you believe your device was stolen. If you are in a controlled, access controlled environment, a message like “Lost my device! If found please return to Jenna A” would suffice.


The Find My iPhone app will also let you know the level of power your battery has, and has the feature to remotely erase all of your data on your phone should you believe that your device is not recoverable.


As stated above, this is a very valuable tool to possess if you have a busy lifestyle, attending one meeting after the next. An Apple device usually has a hefty price tag attached to it as well, with makes it good target for criminals and a great loss on your end of you are not insured.


Download the Find My iPhone app

You can download the Find My iPhone app at the iTunes Apple store for Free right now to instantly put your mind at ease, knowing that your device and data is now protected.