EBay Launches Mobile Ad-Network

EBay is not concerned about losing users with the creation of a mobile advertising network on its largely successful mobile application.

Adults spend 150 hours on the EBay mobile app a month, beating competitors by a long stretch. The multibillion dollar company believes that users will return to the app like they always do, despite clicking on advertisements linking to other brands. For this reason, they are teaming up with Triad Retail Media to make the most out of the $17.7 billion mobile advertising industry that delivers high profit margins.

While most free apps come with advertising embedded into its structure, it’s interesting to see how EBay would go about doing this. There is a stark difference between banners that are set within a specific area on a screen and conniving ads that are placed next to opportune real estate creating unintentional clicks by users.

As regular android or IOS users, most consumers have become accustomed to the advertising as free apps offer great functionality that offsets the annoyance created by mobile advertising. Despite this mild form of consent from users, large e-commerce giants like EBay have to tread carefully when venturing into this form of advertising. By becoming blinded by the potential profit of advertising revenue, user experience could suffer creating opportunities for competitors to deliver a better ad-free service.

The e-commerce company’s partnership with Triad however is bound to produce much more than an in-app network of advertising infused into a single app. While there is no confirmation yet of how complex their strategy will be and how far the network will reach, all competitors will be keeping an eye on the developments between EBay and mobile technology.