Dell M3800: The “World’s Thinnest and Lightest 15-Inch Workstation”

It seems that technological mobility is one of the main marketing points when trying to sell computing devices, although the strategy is slightly inversed when it come mobile phone device.

Laptops are getting smaller and cell phones are getting bigger. Most tech savvy individuals are highly aware of the basic requirements when it comes to purchasing a laptop for their needs, whether it is for social media, gaming or writing content for a website.

High-end users look to a different category of laptop solutions that will fit a specific technologically intensive need, a workstation. A part of the market that includes Graphic designers, engineers, programmers and dare I say it, the DJ. These higher grade users have more often than not looked to Apple to quench their thirst, however Dell is about to blow the market wide open.

In January 2015, Dell released an updated version of its Precision M3800 , a series, Dell have dubbed as the “World’s Thinnest and Lightest 15-Inch True Mobile Workstation”. Accompanying the usual high capacity bells and whistles which include 16gb RAM and up to 2TB storage, the company has pimped its ride to elevate it above the competition, namely Apple’s MacBook Pro. Consumers now have the option to purchase M3800 with a 4k Ultra HD Ultratouch display which raises the pixel stakes by 3 million more than Apple’s legendary Retina display.

Dell has gone as far as acquiring Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification which guarantees optimal performance when running resource demanding applications. Not only this, but they have also engaged Principled Technologies to benchmark its device against the MacBook Pro, results don’t bode well for the competition. It was up to 30% faster in rendering video sequences and approximately 26% faster when transcoding video. Surface temperature was also substantially lower when putting its 4th gen i7 processor under this type of scrutiny. In trying to match or even surpass the opposition, Dell has also included Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, hardware that was previously only available with Mac machines. Need they say more?

Doing a quick PriceCheck, the current Precision M3800 retails between R35 000 and R45 000, evident that this is machine is for a differentiated market if not an affluent one. For its purpose, if I can paraphrase Bear Grylls, “pound for pound”, this might be the best mobile workstation on the market.

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