Blackberry Releases BBM for Windows Phones

Blackberry announced last week that they would be releasing a version of BBM for Windows phone devices, in a move to see the struggling corporation gain some ground in the overpopulated world of applications. It seems that after failing so dismally with their phones that they’re trying make a comeback to the market with BBM.

I’m not here to comment on how many bad business decisions blackberry has made, but there have been a few. This then, might be the reason behind them focusing on BBM, the one piece of software they made that has actually stayed popular. Last year they announced that they would release BBM on multiple platforms, and then did so, on Android and iOS. This decision was taken very well by most markets.

Irrespective of how happy everyone was, the company still managed to botch the release on both platforms, delaying it by weeks after the initial version was leaked and crashed bbm. When it was finally re-released it was slow, buggy and battery hungry. All the issues were eventually sorted out, but in my opinion, it lost them a lot of potential users.

Now on to Windows phone. This release means a lot to blackberry, as it gives them the stepping stone they need to get BBM for Windows desktops released. Although it’s unconfirmed, they were never really skilled at keeping their plans secret, so the speculation will probably be spot on. Blackberry are also punting their “bbm protected” service. This allows secured messaging tailored for large corporates and data sensitive companies.

This is where their redemption lies. If they can pull off this “secured” messaging, coupled with a desktop interface, they will be a market leader. It will revolutionise the way companies communicate with each other. It will change the whole corporate outlook as we know it into an interactive messaging platform that doesn’t need you to be in some fancy network, or connected to a VPN to be able to address sensitive issues.

Blackberry will have a cross platform, wireless, secure messaging application that keeps your data safe. They have the infrastructure and the reach in the market to make it take off. They also have a lot of knowhow on how to not do things. Let’s hope they have learnt from past endeavours, and drive us into a private, secure digital world, free of snooping ears, eyes and governments.