Are Notebooks the Way Forward, Again?

Apple was the leading cause of the rapid decline of notebook sales. I know you’re thinking that Apple makes notebooks, which seems counter intuitive, however, it started with the iPad, leading the tablet revolution. Everyone was sceptic, trying to figure out where they would use such an oversized iPod, but if you build it, people will find a way to use it. Queue the tablet revolution.

It might have seemed great, new and exciting, but the fad is over. People went crazy, using tablets instead of notebooks, trying to replace old outdated technology with funky new tablets, and that was the problem. They should have been used together, instead of replacing one with another. Notebooks are handy, they combine the best elements of a desktop pc, but add the ability to move easily, not as easy as a tablet, but still easily.

More people have come to realise this and for the first time in almost 2 years laptop sales have started picking up again. A proud day at Lenovo, as they take top honours in the notebook shipping market. Lots of people argue that another reason for the decline in notebook sales was the weakening global economy, and no pressing need to replace devices as often as they used to. The same people also say that another reason for the growth in this quarter can be attributed to the phasing out of Windows XP support.

Several companies have opted for a operate-till-failure methodology, using devices until they don’t work anymore, instead of replacing expensive equipment just because it’s dated. Coupled with better service from notebook providers in the warranty period means that devices go for longer.

To be fair though, the notebook market is so saturated with the sheer volumes of companies offering notebooks, and all other notebook variants that it becomes such a daunting task to just think of finding a new one. Trying to figure out if you should get a high end high spec device, or a netbook for convenience, or even just a a transforming tablet, it’s all just very confusing.

Whatever the cause was, it seems that notebooks are on the positive growth train, and will do all they can to keep themselves there. Better tech, integrating tablets, better battery life and better work efficiency. Notebooks have always been superior to most other gadgets, and it seems that the world is finally acknowledging that.