A Very Smartphone, At a Very Smart Price, With a Very Smart Plan

I remember the old cliché, “as long as I can make and receive a call, that’s all I need”. At face value this is what mobiles are for, to keep in touch. Keeping in touch has taken on a whole new definition in the 21st Century, with social media and instant messaging at the forefront of digital communication. As competition heats up, consumers have been afforded a wide variety of communication options. Using these mediums does come at a price and the price is data.

Kalahari.com has just introduced 2 smartphones that will be retailing from as little as R1000, the added bonus is that these devices will also be provided with free monthly data. Devices suited to those who have finally realised that their feature phone can only be stretched so far. The Gobii IIP and IVP series may seem like your standard basic Android smartphone, you know the type, going for under R500, but these babies are packing Jelly Bean as well dual and quad core power respectively. Finally, worthwhile technology that is accessible to the masses, without the hindrance of data charges. A survey conducted by PWC revealed that 84% of users didn’t know the cost of going outside their data allowances, the fear of the unknown pushes people to more expensive contracts with bigger data plans. The thought of a cash phone offering free data seems an obvious enough gap in the market, there are those that need this without having to incur more debt. This type of option is also good for consumers as it has the potential to open the market to more competitive pricing. By default the local digital population grows, bringing with it digital opportunities.

The question of when we are going to get a viable solution at the right price might have been answered. A phone call seems so primitive when you can VOIP for free. My (very early) prediction is that internet will be free, someday. It will become a necessity for our day to day functioning, from how we drive our cars to how we entertain ourselves and the Gobii offers are just the type to pave the way.

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Anesh Sukhnandan
Anesh Sukhnandan
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