5 Interesting Facts About the Covid-19 Virus That You May Not Know

The Covid-19 virus has infected 48,1M people worldwide to date from which 1,23M have lost their lives. We all know the basics about the virus (hopefully) and how to try protecting ourselves against it. The unique effects of the virus on groups of individuals studied and treated however has revealed strange interactions within our bodies.

1.      Covid-19 Can Trigger “Cytokine Storms”

A cytokine storm is when your immune system goes on overdrive when exposed to a foreign body like the Corona virus. Cytokines enter your bloodstream and still cry “Danger!” even when Covid-19 symptoms have declined. The immune system’s response to this “storm” causes inflammation and can damage vital organs like your lungs, kidneys and liver.

2.      The Virus Can Cause You to Lose Your Sense of Taste and or Smell

Research on 214 individuals in Wuhan revealed this arbitrary affect on the sense of smell and taste. You may think about the normal sense of smell you lose when you have a cold, but this is a tad bit more powerful. Scientists think that this may be caused by inflammation or altered carbon dioxide or oxygen levels, among other reasons.

Germany had two out of three people lose their sense of smell and 30% of mild cases in Korea reported the same.

3.      Scientists Don’t Know if You Can be Reinfected with the virus

The title is quite self-explanatory, so keep your social distancing and hygiene practices going even if you have recovered from the virus.

4.      Some of Us Have a Genetic Mutation That Puts Us at Greater Risk to Covid-19

Interferons literally signal cells that are infected to die and tell your good cells to protect themselves against infiltration, amongst other duties. Some of us have a mutation where the body cannot produce enough of these cells. No need to panic though, (i) these occur in severe cases which is not even close to the 90% + recovery rate (ii) this seems to occur only in 14% of severe cases.

5.      You May Think You’re Fine for a Week Before Disaster strikes

Covid-19 cases had individuals who reported have slight symptoms for a week, which quickly escalated to severe. Please contact your doctor immediately if this happens.

That’s about it for now. If you want to find out more about the topic check out the Harvard Health site where some of this information was sourced from.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors. Your advice ultimately should come from them and authorized health experts like those at the WHO. And rather than panicking, ignore everything we said.