5 Great Mid-Price Tech Gifts for Christmas 2014

Because there are a few billionaires in the world as well as the rest of us, we have decided to show you a range of gifts that you could get for Christmas if you are not Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates.

The products below are ranked by price, from high to low:

Christmas Gift # 5 – The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – $825 – $839 Cash
First and foremost, you might be wondering why the iPhone 6 Plus is not on the list. That’s because the Note 4 has a better display screen resolution (5.7″ QHD), higher resolution back camera at 16MP, higher resolution front camera, better video recording quality, better, longer lasting battery, and to top it all: a lower price! On another note, it really is a fun fantastic device that is quite powerful going up to a Quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450 (the SM-N910S version) and has 4G (LTE) internet.

Christmas Gift #4 – A Proper Kindle – $99 – $119
We are excluding the Kindle Fire from this list which seems more like a failed tablet than a reading device. The Kindle Paper White and 6” versions are where the true novelty of reading lies. It is the perfect mix of technology and good old books. There are many readers in the world, and in your life, that would still appreciate one.

Christmas Gift #3 – A Mobile Phone Charger Battery Case – $60 – $70
This is probably one of the most useful devices you could get a busy technophobe who is always on the run. What does it do? The best charger cases should give you at least 100% more battery life on your phone. It is your spare battery that forms part of your awesome protective and stylish cover. If it is any good, it will allow you to charge it together with your mobile.

Christmas Gift #2 – A Customized Mobile Phone Cover – $40 -$50
Online sites such as Zazzle.com, offer you the option to customize the picture on you mobile phone cover. We would not recommend zany or lewd as the gifted still has to use this at work, in public and in front of mom. Think of this as a personal challenge of how well you know somebody: Can you pick a graphic that means something to your loved one, enough for him or her to keep it?

Christmas Gift #1 – A Digital Music Store Voucher – $ Price Ranges
Before you go on about how un-personalized a gift voucher is, think about the practical people in your life who would really not mind one, especially if they know that this won’t put you out financially. If you think you don’t have practical people in your life, maybe you should look a little harder? iTunes and Amazon have great, flexible gifting options. Remember that digital vouchers can transcend great geographic distances especially if your own personalized good boy and girl list exceeds the bad.

The list is quite debatable depending on preferences but these are just ideas after all. By the way, Merry Christmas to all our readers