3 Reasons Why the Internet Deserves our Love

Most people view a love for inanimate objects with disdain and rightly so, especially if they involve dolls of any kind that inflate. However a certain non-creepy, love for physical possessions like your Carriera, Beetle, Kindle or MacBook, as a result of the tremendous value it adds to your life, is unavoidable at times. Similarly, the internet deserves our love for three good reasons.

Kitten on PC - Love for Technology

Reason #1: Wikipedia

While the accuracy of its information is contested by traditional naysayers, the volume of information it contains and the constant checking procedures integrated into the system are much more reliable than a static piece of encyclopaedia paper that cannot be altered. The reply, “But it is edited by everyday people” simply disregards the amount of OCD, pedantic prudes out in the world who like fixing things. And we love them because without them our society can’t function, but that’s another article.

Wikipedia is an astounding source of information that clearly contests any encyclopaedia on print to date. It is information in motion and represents the evolution of humankind to an information centred way of existence. We write, collaborate, teach and correct each other to produce multi-faceted knowledge.

Reason #2: Skill Self-Development

As the internet develops, multiple technology-centred jobs arise. Content Managers, Social Media Managers, Digital Heads and Executive Creative Directors with a good clout of digital stirred into their noggins rise to power, so much so that many refer to this age as ‘the age of the nerd’ where ‘nerd is king’.

The internet allows you to gain these skills for free. All you need is passion, the desire to learn, an internet connection (which is becoming cheaper everyday) and a cheap computer (see previous bracketed point). Within this domain of free learning there is Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, HootSuite, Twitter, Facebook, Joomla, WordPress, Blogger and literally thousands of other entities that modern day businesses need and use regularly. There are expensive courses to achieve this, but in all honesty, if you ain’t trying it yourself for free already, you are probably part of the bottom half of the global digital class.

Reason #3: Developing your true voice

Writing (not the dark and twisted, self-centred, existential kind), videoing, photographing and sharing capabilities gives you the opportunity to start something, gain a following and to let the world know who you are. Once again, there is a natural selection to this in for the form of blocks, unlikes and plain ignoring. Only those that have interesting, relevant, and valuable things to say shine though, form discussions and communities.  

Inforocked, as you may not know, was born out of pure effort, passion and love and an appreciation for digital giants like Google and Microsoft and the various General Public Licensed products out there, as well as the and various free social networks that exist today. This is not a shameless punt or a commercial call to action, rather a call for you to take action. In a nutshell, I am asking you to access the internet’s potential by using Wikipedia, self-developing your skills and created your true voice and harness the power of of great nerds like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.