Anesh Sukhnandan

Anesh SukhnandanFrom one end of the scale to the other, I have travelled the full spectrum of what technology has to offer. From IT support to looking at data and data systems to extract knowledge that nobody at the time even knew existed. The creature that is my career continued its evolution into the Project Management environment, managing major software development for some major players, right up to implementation, roll out and even training. I am now managing the Marketing Systems within a leading direct selling company. Changing little, but changing often is my strategy for progress.


Industry Experience

The need to increase my knowledge and skill set has given me the fortunate opportunity to have worked in the Manufacturing (IT Support), Banking/Finance (Consultant), Market Research (Research Analyst) which exposed me to the world of Brand Management and FMCG as well as Marketing, Supply Chain and Logistics (Information Management and Project Management), Online Gambling (Product Management) and currently Direct Selling (Systems Analyst)


Interests and Hobbies


Movies as well reviewing movies (choices to review are based on whether a movie is really good or really bad)

Keeping abreast of the latest tech (gadgets, software) and reviews

Online Gaming (PS3) (FPS, TPS, RPG, Sports Simulation)

Social Media (twitter mostly)

2nd Level Wing Chun Kung Fu Student

Digital/Online Principles (SEO, Mobile, E-Commerce etc)

Football fanatic (Liverpool Supporter)