About Us

InfoRocked.com provides you with the latest tech news occurring around the world. We have current technology trends, gadgets as well as e-commerce and mobile news all at the same place – for your perusing pleasure.

InfoRocked started with a vision to embrace technology and the opportunities it provides to readers, businesses as well as emerging digital leaders. We have been touched by and operate with the unmistakeable fire of digital zeal and know that there are millions of technophiles like us!


New Technology and Digital Zeal

Digital zeal is an appreciation for new technology and the information that powers our World Wide Web as well the gadgets we own like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PC’s. InfoRocked celebrates true technological innovation and also gives entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the tech field the recognition they no-doubtedly deserve. You can find an array of technical game-changers in our Tech Leaders section, people who truly are digital heroes of note!


Future Technology

InfoRocked is deeply interested in the concept of future technology. As each new gadget is created, we think about the potential effects this could have on consumers and businesses in the future. Social media has already changed the world; mobile applications have just helped contain Ebola. What’s the next step? We believe that there are a whole lot of discoveries in between current technological evolution and the “unrealistic” sci-fi of the future. 


Tech Creates a Non-office Culture for InfoRocked

Central to InfoRocked’s philosophy is the strong belief that technology gives humanity the power to work in a non-centralised office culture. We preserve the soul and creativity of our team members by allowing them to work anywhere that technology allows them to be, which is almost everywhere.


What Can You Expect from InfoRocked?

If you enjoy editorial honesty, a whack load of digital news and some entrepreneurial inspiration, you have managed, by some stroke of a miracle, to come to the right place.  It’s for your own good.

If you wish to contact us directly, please pop us an e-mail: info@inforocked.com

We hope you enjoy your experience at Inforocked.com and keep coming back for more…and more. 🙂