The Unofficial Official World Cup Soccer Social Fan Application

So you log on to and you are greeted by about 20 tiles with various topics, loud pictures, expressive faces and lots of colour everywhere. You search frantically and feel irked at the fact that there’s no “About” button. This is where I jump in and tell you to relax, it will all be okay. I’m going to give you the full rundown on Sony’s united fans webpage.


fifa world cup brazilSo partnering with Fifa has its benefits, one being that you can use their logo all over your website, and being the most widely watched sport worldwide, I’d say that’s a worthy logo to put up anywhere. Back to the website, what Sony has aimed to do with this site, is to put all the Soccer World Cup info that you could possibly need, in one place.

This for them, meant combining a whole lot of elements. Just off the bat, you get to a page called “One Stadium” and this is the info hub. It has a lot of info about upcoming games, players, teams, their stats, info on current matches, and the social aspect. This is where they have done some magic.

Sony have pulled in a lot of info from social media, using Facebook posts, Tweets and Google Plus posts containing soccer info, and put it in one place. Then they allow you to sort it by language and “latest or loudest”, which translates to popularity of the post or just anything that was posted recently. So you have all the World Cup info you could possibly need in one screen.

The site also has a lot of information about each of the towns where the stadiums are located in Brazil. This includes match fixtures at that stadium, impressive places around the stadium that you should probably check out, and a little write up about the stadium as well. Then as if that wasn’t enough, Sony have compiled a whole barrage of videos that will keep you busy for hours.

It’s a whole World Cup history, alphabetically, in 1 minute segments, or by each World Cup year in 10 minute segments. There are enough videos in there to keep you busy on days where the beautiful game won’t.

Basically, Sony has put together an entire arsenal of information, enough to overload even the most soccer fanatic hooligan, and have made it freely available to promote the Sony Xperia Brand. There are numerous places where they hammer on the fact that Fifa and its journalists use Sony Cameras and Xperia devices.

Like I said earlier, if you can use the FIfa logo, you probably should.