The Birth of the Twitter Star: Twitter and SoundCloud Partner Up!

Twitter has partnered up with SoundCloud to launch the Audio Card on Twitter. The feature allows users to play and share SoundCloud audio clips directly on their Twitter timelines.

Back in 2011, Twitter was completely revitalised when the company released photo and video sharing capabilities on its platform without the need for third party services like YFrog, a service that Twitter users currently make extensive use of.

Twitter’s partnership with SoundCloud is the next step in the company’s evolution. This monumental move creates massive promotional opportunities for businesses and artists on Twitter. Content from SoundCloud’s major partners, CNN, Warner Music and David Guetta, amongst various others, will become available to users very soon.

While no further plans have been announced just yet, Twitter’s relationship with SoundCloud could just be the beginning in a string of partnerships and acquisitions that will ensure that the company grabs a bigger piece of the global audio streaming pie.

While Twitter’s partnership with Google’s YouTube continues within the Twitterverse, Google has also jumped in the sack with Apple, working together on music streaming services with the globally domineering music and podcast distribution brand, iTunes.

For everyday users, the Twitter experience instantly becomes more diverse and entertaining. Up and coming artists can also benefit from the Audio Card by having an enhanced platform to share their music on without having to go through the trouble of creating a YouTube video.

If all goes according to plan, the world should prepare itself for the advent of the Twitter Star, hosted through SoundCloud and promoted on Twitter