Silk Road Ceased in Sting Operation as Government Say “It Is the Road to Prison”

Silk road is the underground trading station where unconventional items and services are for sale. It was shut down late last year and as with all things viral online, Silk road 2.0 popped up, and as of last week had also been shut down in a sting operation by the U.S. government.

If you aren’t familiar with Silk road, the easiest way to describe it is that it is the Internet Black-Market shop front. Looking for hacking tools, drugs, banned items and illegal trade? You can find it on Silk road. If you were inquiring some shady services, you could for instance, find a qualified hit-man that would take care of a problem you have. There have even been rumours that some were advertising the “coup” package helping you overthrow your government.

As absurd as it sounds, it’s all true. Where payment is concerned, it all happens via the digital currency known as Bitcoin. If that sounds like garbled words to you, relax. Bitcoin is a type of crypto-currency which as all digital, untraceable and very unstable. Like any other currency it fluctuates as market conditions affect it, for instance, when a very large “democratic” country announced they wouldn’t allow Bitcoin, the value of a Bitcoin plummeted.

Right, so some very smart people started an illegal marketplace, trading illegal goods and services, which would suggest a certain level of intelligence. How then did the Silk road founders get caught and have their shops closed down? Well the actual details are quite sketchy, but what the government has said is that an undercover agent infiltrated the administrative staff and dealt directly with Blake Benthall, the co-founder of Silk road.

Blake is being charged with conspiracy to commit drug trafficking, money laundering, computer hacking and a few other crimes which could have been dreamt up on the site. It would seem then that with a 100% success ratio, the government is correct in saying : “Let’s be clear – this Silk Road, in whatever form, is the road to prison.”

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