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Groupon Hits $6 Billion with Divestments

It has been estimated that with divestments Groupon is worth up to $6 billion in market value. The popular online coupon site has been valued much higher in the market than was initially thought.


How to Download Free Android Apps to Your Phone or Tablet

The free download of Android apps is simple to execute and does not require a PC at all. To download an Android app all you have to do is visit the Google Play store on your mobile phone, smartwatch or tablet.

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Apple Watch Has Mixed Reviews Before Release

24 April 2015 will mark the commercial release of the Apple Watch, the company’s first new technology release since the Steve Jobs era. The piece of tech that is supposed to take the wearable genre to the next level, has garnered mixed reviews, to say the least.

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Google Plans A Paid Subscriber launch for Youtube

Google has announced that the company will be launching a paid subscription program for users to view content without ad interruptions and with additional offline access to videos.


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New Indiana Law Sparks Outcry by Apple CEO:

Indiana State passed a new religious freedom law allowing any company to deny service on grounds of “religious freedom”. Openly gay chief executive officer at Apple inc, Tim Cook, along with other CEOs have exclaimed their disgust about this discriminatory law.


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Pao Loses Sexual Discrimination Case – Was She Just a Bad Employee?

The Pao vs. Kleiner gender discrimination case may have been won by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers clearing Kleiner of charges of sexual discrimination against female employee, Ellen Pao, but this does not mean that inequalities were not present.

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Spy Games: The Cloak and Dagger of Government Hacking

American website, a domain name registrar, was hacked recently with the FBI focusing its investigation on possible Chinese Military involvement.


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How to do an Internet Speed Test – ADSL, Mobile or Wireless

Want to know how fast your internet connection really is? Perform an ADSL speed test on your broadband or mobile data connection right now.