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Post windows 8 on tablet pc

Is Microsoft Windows 8 the right operating system for you?

Choosing between a PC or laptop operating system, we’ve come to expect a look and feel that facilitates an easy way to launch applications and multitask between them. It would seem reasonable that any operating system, regardless of the device, may also consider this as useful design consideration. However Microsoft Windows 8 seems to have taken a different approach. Is it the right operating system for you?

Post Lenovo s6000

In Getting Cosier with Google– What is Lenovo Up to?

Google has bought a 5.94% stake in Lenovo worth around $750 million dollars. Given Google’s magnitude this acquisition is best served to them by helping Lenovo achieve its own ambitions. While Google is always big news it is Lenovo that seems to be gearing up to making waves in the industry.

Post facebook-article

Are social entrepreneurs thinking too Justin Bieber, ignoring older generations?

Some entrepreneurs find focus and power when concentrating one a single niche in the market and exploiting this to gain a sizeable income. This works. However, when dealing with launching a social media site, demographics melt away as communities grow in size. Can we afford to think young?


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