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Singularity: When Digital advertising became more important than TV campaigns

Television has long been responsible (read blamed), for pointing consumers into a certain direction. The epitome of where a successful company’s advertising was expected to be. Ironically, you had to be successful first in order to afford this luxury.

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The Cancer Detecting Camera

Developers in Finland have introduced a camera that could detect skin cancer.  The innovation could revolutionise the medical industry in the field of early cancer treatment.

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Google’s Pacific Wing: Is the Company Investing in Undersea Cables?

Recent reports by the Wall Street Journal suggest that Google might be looking at investing in more undersea cable, which will run across the Pacific Ocean. This will likely be to connect their Oregon data centres to Japan. This move, which is unsurprising, forms part of a global trend of internet giants brimming with cash, seeking to control their own traffic, and cutting out the middle man.

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How Content Fuels Innovation

Innovation, the process of creating something new, was once described as the lifeblood of any business and imperative for its survival. Why make something that consumers can get somewhere else right? Is it a bold claim then to state that the online consumption of content fuels innovation?

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Read all about it: Amazon’s Fire Phone

What has a quad core processor, 4.7 inch 3D screen, a 5MP camera at the front, a 13 MP camera at the back, with optical image stabilisation and unlimited Cloud storage for all the photos you take? Well it is indeed the new (and very pricey) Fire Phone from none other than Amazon.

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Leaps and Bounds: Internet Marketing has come a Long Way

Before a transaction has even been completed, there is a path that the consumer took to get to your online place of business. The efforts that you have taken to be noticed is what we call marketing.

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Prioritised Traffic: ISP’s will compensate for 96 billion gigabytes of videos we watch

Cisco Systems recently released some information stating that video consumption on the internet is going to account for 84% of internet usage by 2018, rising from the current 78%. You could be thinking that these numbers mean nothing, but actually this translates to 20 billion dvds, or 96 billion gigabytes, and that is a lot of funny cat videos!

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Tech: Godzilla Attacks – Traffic Signals Hacked

Last month San Francisco highway operators were victim to multiple hacker pranks. Temporary traffic control signs were brought onto Van Ness Ave due to the Bay to Breakers event. The annual footrace often causes backups on Van Ness Ave and Lombard St.