Microsoft Presents Windows 10

Microsoft presents an official preview of Windows 10 today for mobiles, tablets and desktops in hopes of winning more users over before the product is launched in Fall 2015.


Microsoft Windows 10 At 9:00 AM Pacific time, Microsoft will reveal the new Windows 10 at their Corporate Headquarters in Redmond, Seattle. Many tech journalists, consumers and businesses alike are quite curious about how the new operating system will actually function and if it will be as intimidating to the user as Windows 8.


Window 8.1 Functions Better on Smartphone 

Windows 8, or 8.1, if you count the mandatory updates required, wasn’t a notable success and is currently only used by 15% of the desktop market. Built with touch screen technology in mind, the OS functions much better on your tablet or smartphone than as an actual PC operating system.


The goal of Microsoft is to now convince more users to leave their comfort zone of Windows 7 (as functional as it may be) and to adopt Windows 10. (If you are wondering what happened to Windows 9? Well there isn’t one – how trendy.)


“We want all these Windows 7 users to have the sentiment that yesterday they were driving a first-generation Prius… and now with Windows 10 it’s like a Tesla,” says Joe Belfiore, VP of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group.


Windows 10 UI is Going Back to the Basics

As previously noted in Is Windows 8 the Right Operating System for You?, the iconic start menu was sorely missed by users and will be back in Windows 10 together with the tiled structure of Windows 8 incorporated right next to it.


Making a revolutionary change in the UI always had its risks. As all Windows users would know, Windows 95 through to Windows 7 had pretty much the same structure until the sudden array of tiles that exploded onto the ‘desktop’ with no prior warning, a move a bit too overwhelming to users. When we say blasted, we actually mean ‘attempted to blast’ as Windows 7 still has 56% of the desktop market.


Microsoft App Store – The One Store

The new Windows 10 makes use of a single app store called the One Store, which is the result of the amalgamation of various app stores, where you can get fancy apps for your phone, tablet or appropriate PC. In short, this will be similar to the Android store Google Play, except for it being Microsoft.


Like the majority of the world, we do hope that the operating system that allows us to buy PCs at more affordable rates fares well. Only time will tell, actually a few hours of time. Looking forward.