Mercedes vs BMW in the Electric Car Race, BMW May Outsell Mercedes.

Mercedes has just announced that they will be launching a commercially available electric car, in partnership with Tesla motors. The car will present itself as the current B-class shape, alongside their petrol and diesel models.


BMW i3Hailed as one of their smartest plans yet, Mercedes claim that simply adding an electric model to an established assembly line will save them millions and will make back the capital investment a lot sooner. Citing BMW’s i3 as the benchmark for spending inordinate amounts of money to develop a new car and set up a new assembly line.

Not to be outdone by their once German counterparts BMW argued that developing a new car is essential as it was built purely for that purpose, it is lighter, more efficient and aerodynamically superior. According to analysts, BMW might be on to something, but not for the reasons you think. Turns out that people are quite vain, and want to show off how environmentally friendly they are, and can’t do that if it just looks like a diesel B-class.

Vanity and corporate babble aside, Mercedes recently severed their ties with Tesla, selling off their 4% stake for a whopping $780 million, but are keeping Tesla on their vendor list. The benefits of using the Tesla technology is that this is a very low risk venture for Mercedes, if it doesn’t take off, they could easily scrap the debt as a bad ad campaign.
Technically, the i3 and B-class are quite similar, with their insides at roughly the same capacity, their battery range is practically identical and the price is estimated to be quite similar. Seems like in this battle for electric car market share it will come down to personal preference, right?

Wrong, according to the same smart people that crunch numbers all day, and wear oversized glasses, the BMW will outsell the Mercedes 2 to 1, and if BMW adds a petrol motor to the i3, it will outsell the Mercedes 5 to 1. A serious case of Vanity that will play perfectly into BMW’s strategy.

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