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I saw a few interesting videos on YouTube. Devices like Walkmans and Atari consoles were handed to the tweens of today that garnered an interesting set of reactions from them. In general they thought the devices were hard to use and insufferable. But does the opposite not exist for all internet users today?

too much information confused chickenIf you were like me, the screeching sound of the dialup modem on your 386 machine brought with it a sense of excitement, a connection to the outside world. Remember your first chat experience?

 “OMG, I’m talking to someone from the UK!…What does asl mean?”

Since the 90’s we became super connected and billions of messages are transferred by the minute over various platforms across the world. What about apps. In June 2013 there were 1, 000, 000 apps available on the Google Play store which were downloaded 50 billion times. The range of options we now have through our various devices and a much more efficient internet connection are startling. However this leads to a great deal of noise without an off button.

Any traditional marketer would know that there is a message that you as a business, individual or brand wants to get across. This message is delivered through a channel that has noise created by other brands and marketing attempts. With further fragmentation of our mediums and markets however, the noise across every platform has reached a deafening crescendo.

Noise with too many options

There are 30 android app versions for every simple app like a word processor. Free versions are stuffed with ads. Touch the wrong spot and you are annoyingly whisked away to a variation of a bitcoin shop or Angry Birds spin off. When you buy an android device, some may need the help of a professional technophile to TURN OFF countless services you have never heard off that are eating your data. To top it off, our social networks are overwhelmed with a multitude of digital experts all vying for our attention.

Will the inundation ever stop? Well, which came first? The clucking chicken or the egg that only needs a bit of love from a chicken that does not cluck too much? Well, it does not matter. What does matter is what we do know: there is simply too much information at our fingertips, in our ears, and blaring across every single one of our multiple screens. In this collective madness of pasting ourselves out there, we have forgotten a simple golden rule of marketing: provide consumers with too many options and they will take everything and use none, or don’t bother taking anything at all. By the way, for those of you who post every 30 seconds on Twitter, this also applies to you.

News feed systems like Google News and Feedly are providing shelter from the data storm that is raining down on us. We decide what we want to hear about and in which exact pane of our browser. Facebook is also cutting down brand reach (well, more for financial reasons) and moving more toward a monetary system of promotion, which instantly and temporarily reduces a great deal of the exclamation-mark-infused-promotional-content that once littered our feeds.  

The solution: Customization

My suggestion to any entrepreneur or internet user is to start cutting down on the excessive noise by deciding what data is of value to you before you are driven nuts. Here are four things you can do right now to reduce internet noise.


Have a tweeter too tweeterlicious for you that is clogging your news feed? If you are receiving no value from this user: Delete.


Once upon a time, pages that you liked had interesting information that made you like them. By the end of this year, brands with big budgets might begin heavily promoting their content to get some sort of ROI for their hefty priced Facebook advertising campaigns. Unlike all pages that give you no value. And no, you don’t have to like a page that your best friend likes. Be yourself.

News site advertising

You visit a news site that has too many advertisements for your liking. Look for the RSS feed icon and subscribe to it using a reader solution like Feedly. An advertisement with a teensy “Continue to article” in the top right hand corner is not what you hoped to find, was it? Don’t visit sites that continually interrupt your reading patterns, use their feeds instead.

Mobile Apps

Delete all mobile apps that have advertising on your phone. Buy only the apps you need with no form of advertising on them. They aren’t that expensive to be honest.  


As everyday consumers, boyfriends, girlfriends, dads, moms, siblings, employees and start up entrepreneurs you have the choice to move away from a noise driven environment and create a focused and significant piece of internet space for yourself. Consume what’s valuable to you personally and on the business front and do away with the rest. This includes any unnecessary downloads that you may have accumulated over the years.

Some of us await an even faster internet connection and more terabytes of storage space and more device options, yet this is pointless if the only use for this is temporary satisfaction of our greed for more. Do we not need more mental space for thinking about what we are consuming as opposed to using our time only to consume?

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