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Want to know how fast your internet connection really is? Perform an ADSL speed test on your broadband or mobile data connection right now.

The best, most reliable, FREE service that provides pretty accurate results is You can use their website to do a speedtest or download their nifty app at the Google Play, Apple iOS Store, Amazon Store or for your Windows Phone.

The Ookla Speed test site boasts over 5 million accurate tests conducted every day across 3500 different servers worldwide.

How to compare server speeds using

  1. Look at the supposed bandwidth that your ISP provides you in Mega Bits per Second (Mbps). Note whether it is a 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 4Mbps, 20Mbps, etc. line. If you do not know this information give your internet service provider a call and they will be glad to assist.
  2. Close any software applications on your computer that may be using the internet.
  3. Open your web browser. Make sure that only one web browser is one that has only one tab open, that is, the tab you use to conduct your speed test.
  4. Visit You will be brought straight into the Speed Test tool.
  5. Click on bright neon green “Begin Test” button. The speed test will now commence.
    1. First your server will be pinged and its response time measured
    2. Your download speed will then be tested
    3. This is followed by your  upload speed
  6. Compare your download speed to that given to you by your service provider in step one. Please note that both the download and upload speed you get is time and situation dependant as traffic levels vary at different times of the day, days of the week, holiday periods, etc. If you are placed on a 4Mbps line and your speed is around 3.5Mbps this is quite normal. But if you are on a 4Mbps line and are getting a download speed of 1Mbps, you should contact your internet service provider e.g. Afrihost, Telkom and query this immediately. Most good ISPs have 24 hour support options.

The Ookla Speed Test also has a valuable tool called “My Results” which lets you graphically compare your upload and download speeds as well as the different servers you have tested. This is very useful to users who have a history with many internet service providers and want to choose the most efficient.

Whatever your broadband speed, it is a service that your pay for and ideally you should get the best speed for the package level you are on. is an indispensable tool that will get you there.


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