Hope for Publishers! Adblock Plus Acceptable Ads

There are millions of small and medium-sized websites and blogs out there that rely on advertising revenue to survive. Adblock Plus’s Acceptable Ads feature caters for the display of non-obtrusive ads giving publishers who care about the layout and content of their sites a chance at survival.

Adblock Plus, by far the most popular ad blocker browser extension, has been since 2011 promoting the Acceptable Ads initiative for blogs and small websites to be sustainable through non-obtrusive ways of advertising. Since they began their open source project in 2006, their main goal has been to make the internet a smooth place for everyone by blocking all kinds of online ads.

The fact is, Internet users don’t like online ads because most of them are very annoying: pop-ups, flashy, jumpy banners, roll-overs, loud videos, etc. Today there are more than 60 million active Adblock Plus users out there who have chosen to browse the web without precisely these types of bothersome ads. These millions have voted with their cursors to make ABP the most downloaded browser extension in the world.

Adblock Plus usage has grown by 49 percent in 2013. The more this number grows, the less viable all website advertising becomes.

Luckily, the ABP whitelist is also growing every day to the benefit of small-fry publishers allowing 98 percent of all 60 million Adblock Plus users to see Acceptable Ads every day.

If you have a small-medium sized website or blog and you want to apply to join the Acceptable Ads initiative for free, first read their guidelines and then apply. We have and it was totally worth the effort!