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Dell Computers used Computex 2015, taking place in Taipei, to announce the release of a refreshed Inspiron 5000 Laptop series as well as a new Inspiron micro desktop range. Products aimed at the mid-range market for everyday convenience and reliability with added technological benefits.

In quarter 4 2014, Dell shipped 10.8 million units in the Asia Pacific regions, growing by 8.5% as reported by the International Data Corporation, which then makes sense to make such an announcement in Taipei. While this year’s Computex was focused on tablets, wearable tech and Windows 10, Dell chose to take the less glossy route and show its “bread and butter” customers that they are still top of mind.

The re-invigorated Inspiron 5000 laptop series will offer customers cutting edge technology at affordable prices. Now that efficient word-processing is a standard, the attention has progressed to vibrant multimedia and user accessibility. The Inspiron comes to the party with Full HD options available on the 15” and 17” variants and a HD only version on a 15” machine. Durability has also taken precedence as they have vigorously tested all buttons, the keyboard and even the hinges to ensure longevity. According to, Dell has moved up to 2nd place in 2015 in its best laptop brand ratings, jumping from 5th the previous year. It is runner up only to Apple, which means it is the number 1 Windows notebook.

Desktops, like all technology have progressed in its quest to stay relevant. From towers, to all-in-ones, to net tops and now Dell introduces the Inspiron Micro Desktop. Marketed as a centralized computing point for the family, that is small enough to fit in your hand. It will comprise of a Dual Core Intel Pentium processor as well as a solid state hard drive allowing for HDMI connectivity that will allow full HD resolution. All other technology that you would expect as standard will be available, Wifi, USB ports and don’t forget Bluetooth. Considering its ergonomics and possible price bracket, you can easily envisage this desktop appearing on the desks of companies.

The Inspiron may be flogged as a budget purchase, it certainly won’t look like one. Cutting edge design and feature rich technology are sure to inspire consumers that are of a group that do not part with their cash easily.

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