Apple HomeKit vs. Samsung

Apple Inc will release its Apple HomeKit functionality next month allowing users to control their home devices with their iPhones and iPads.

According to Apple, they have managed to secure dozens of suppliers in a few months that will be creating HomeKit compatible controls for items like garage doors and light switches.

In 2011, Apple’s competitor, Samsung, released the Samsung TV Remote App that gave users control over their Smart TV placing the company ahead of Apple when it comes to controlling user home appliances. With no televisions, or microwaves in the market, Apple has opted instead for suppliers that already produce home automation capable devices.

Belkin is a potential supplier that could benefit from this kind of partnership as they currently rely on consumers purchasing their WeMo appliances to be able to control them from their Android and Apple devices. The WeMo app was released on May 4, 2015 on the Google play store and currently sits on 1,614 one star ratings compared to 1,191 5 star ratings. Synergising with Apple could provide ample opportunity for sales and app innovation given the latter’s strong brand presence.

While restraint of trade agreements could restrict companies from forming similar partnerships with Samsung, only time will tell how much autonomy Apple gives their suppliers.

Given the history of lawsuits flung both ways between the giants in recent history, Apple could form a protective stance around them. Only time, and more official announcements, will tell.